And the dreaming begins...

May 17, 2019

So we're officially under contract with this beauty, and it's looking like things might really happen. Located in Hamilton, Missouri, a mile down the road from Cole's parents, this bizzare dream is becoming a reality.

Built in 1915, this home has often been described as a Victorian, and while it is elegant and beautiful, my research indicates this is most likely an American Foursquare. These boxy homes were built to be efficient, and in the case of ours, large. But more about the artchitecture later.

The entire exterior will soon receive several coats of paint, color TBD and honestly, I'm stressin' about it. How does one paint this entire monstrosity?

Specs thus far: 3,500 square feet, 6 beds, 3 baths.

Im scared.

When you enter this diamond in the rough, you're gonna find SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL WOOD TRIM. Just omg. Look at it.


You'll also notice a whole bunch of wallpaper. Many nights of steaming walls will be in my future.

The main living room, while bright and cheery and beautiful, might have a little secret waiting for us.

According to the attic, there are two fireplaces in this abode. We suspect one was once the kitchen fireplace, meaning the back of it might be hidden in the living room, just waiting to become some beautiful exposed brick. Obviously, it won't be functional, but I WANT THAT BRICK BABY.

The kitchen is coming in CLUTCH with some new cabinetry, but can we all have a moment of silence for the loss of original woodwork in this room? I'm sure it was a necessary upgrade, but does bring with it a sense of loss.

Were assuming that under the laminate flooring we'll find the original hardwoods (or so I pray). That's another surprise waiting for me. It's a game we're going to play all over the house called "WHATS UNDER THIS CARPET."

This house is blessing us with a very clean half-bath/laundry combo and dining room. Off to the right, (not pictured) we have an awesome mudroom just waiting for some brickwork or tile. And the closed door on the right will lead to Cole's future office, but it is currently in such a state of disrepair, we don't want to burden your eyes. Also not pictured is the BACK stairs, because we have TWO stair cases and it's a good thing I can count that high.

Onward to the main-floor bedroom! I have plans on how we will reconfigure this space, so more on that later...

Time to head back into the land of beautiful original wood trim. The main stairs, or as I like to call it the "Rich person stairs" is missing a few spindles and again. Wallpaper.

I know I already used this picture, but I wanted to make sure you didn't forget about the wallpaper.

The first bedroom is a behemoth. New paint, new furniture, and a rousing game of "WHATS UNDER THIS CARPET." I'm really hoping to win some original wood floors in decent condish.

Bedroom numero deuce will require a bit more love, removing wallpaper and carpet. Adding paint and iron beds. I'm thinking this room, or the first room, will be a "bunk room" style, with a few twin beds instead of the lonely full/queens.

If you look really closely you'll see the transom window above the door. All the bedrooms have these functional and oh-so-precious windows, originally designed to allow for privacy and air flow, will now serve for nonsensical games like "Catch this!"

And to follow, two more bedrooms, slightly smaller than the first two. One has this really interesting closet space, that might host a clawfoot tub one day. One day.

NOT PICTURED is the giant, unfinished attic. High hopes for that space.

At the end of the hall is a transplant bathroom from a very different house. Not sure how they got it in here, but it's definitely far too modern for my taste. I'd prefer everything to be old. I envision a console sink and so much subway tile.

And my office at the end of the hall! With my own staircase. All mine. IF you come up these stairs I'll push you down. And they're steep. Currently no pictures of what will be my office.

And for the exterior, bask again in all the painting work waiting to be done.

Here we have little out-building that boasts a convenient little basement cistern for hiding dead bodies, a kennel that won't last five minutes, and a gazeebo/yoga studio.

But in actuality, the landscaping has had a ton of work done, it just needs a little clean up and will be an awesome party spot. Oh, there's also an RV hookup? Cousin Eddie will be most welcome.

Much, much, much, more to come.

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