Floor Inspiration

May 28, 2019

With a week left before closing, I'm doing a whole bunch of planning and dreaming. More dreaming than planning, mainly because I still don't have the floor plan mapped perfectly. BUT in my dreaming, I've started to craft my plan for the hardwood floors throughout the house.

Now, the floors aren't in amazing shape. Definitely showing wear and tear and more than anything, look dirtier than I think that they are. The only place we can really see the floor right now is the upstairs landings, hallway, and stairs.

Every other room is either covered in carpet or linoleum flooring, and while I did inspect most of the rooms by pulling up a small corner during inspections, I can't confirm the status of all the rooms.

Which means, we may have a mixed bag of hardwoods. Not the worst thing, but it will mean once we get going, we'll most likely end up doing the entire second floor at once, just to make it all match.

Once we get the carpet up, I'm assuming we'll have to do some patching. I've been learning lots from my new friend Pete, he's offering up so much guidance for free. I've also loved the tutorial by Offbeat Home & Life.

Those are their floors before and after! I'm hoping to stick with a similar color to the hardwoods as they are now, but it will all depend on what species of wood we are working with, as well as how much coverage we'll need.

As of right now, I'm leaning towards either Jacobean or Dark Walnut, or maybe a combo of the two.

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