Meet Sarah Jo Crawford

After many years in the big-city (ok, not that big) I'm moving with my husband Cole, dog, Trigger, and adorable cat, Whiskey, to rural America. This house will be our second renovation project and we couldn't be more excited to make this old house shine and to share it with you. I solemnly swear to do my very best to document the process so you can either a) feel in control of your life as you sit in a cubicle amongst fluorescent lights slowly draining your life force or b) make plans for your own updates or projects. Also, I don't guarantee my advice will always be right/legal/smart, but I can promise it will be fun to watch. 

When we're not renovating this ginormous six bedroom house, we both run Sparkworth from the comfort of that same construction zone. Is it messy? Actually, not really, we're pretty tidy and keep our offices sacred. And when I'm not covered in paint splatters or typing away on my computer, I speak on video marketing

On the topic of video marketing, we really love using video to document our adventures, enjoy a few below!

As the house progresses, we intend to offer it as a full-home rental or rent-by-the-room to anyone visiting the beautiful town of Hamilton Missouri. We're neighbors to Missouri Star Quilt Company, The Pearl at Crawford Farm, and Levi Garrison Brewing. If you're interested in staying with us, please email

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